How to Get Started with Digital Marketing For Colleges

Brian welcomes Abby Maharaj in this episode to talk about how to begin marketing digitally. Brian and Abby have worked with institutions that have never done digital marketing before, so they are able to draw from those experiences.

The two share with us the first steps that need to be taken before starting an ad campaign, what type of content the ads should contain, and how to monitor the performance of your campaign. After listening, you’ll see that advertising digitally doesn’t have to be complicated!

“People rarely act on general ideas and general dreams…If the goal is to generate leads and get enrollments, then I think vague marketing doesn’t propel action.”

“Real people sharing their real experiences is powerful.”

“We do not celebrate the creation of an ad. We celebrate its success.”

[2:53] How to get started with digital marketing.
[4:35] Picking a specific audience.
[8:54] Using authentic content.
[12:49] Regularly measuring success.

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