Stop being creepy with your enrollment marketing

In this episode of College Enrollment Marketing, Brian shares the mic with project manager Natalie Martin.

When creating a campaign for your program, marketers often get into the trap of creating a ‘creepy’ marketing message. This is often because we get into the trap of focusing on one stage in a customer relationship, instead of properly supporting each step of a customer relationship in a linear fashion.

This episode will equip you with the tools to look at your marketing mix holistically, and allow you to create a roadmap for your prospects that makes sense.


“Fundamentally, we say ‘Don’t ask a stranger to marry you.’ But even though we know that’s true, your marketing can still turn into that if you’re just pushing for enrollments.”

“One step can’t be successful without the other steps.”

“When you’re in the thick of everything that’s going on, you forget your prospects don’t see all the great things your school does every day, so you have to build up that trust.”

“Look at every individual step and measure it. That way you don’t slide back into putting all your efforts into one step.”

“Iterate, don’t eliminate.”

“If you start missing steps, ultimately it’ll take longer for prospects to go through the entire process.”


[3:24] What are the 6 steps prospective students go through to enrollment?
[9:37] How do you measure the results of a 6-step funnel?

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