The Importance of Showing Value to Potential Students

Today, Brian is joined by Kristjan Grimson to talk about how important it is to show potential students the value of attending your college. This topic comes from Kristjan’s recent experience of reaching out to new schools to set up meetings. As schools reach out to potential students to set up meetings, the process and issues are similar.

The guys tell us about actions that should be taken to show potential students that your college is the ideal next step for them, from the first interaction to setting up a meeting.

“The biggest takeaway that we can offer is to find ways to communicate that you care about people and that it’s not a numbers game.”

“It doesn’t have to be life-shattering and totally change what they think; it’s just kind of showing ‘we’re real, we’re people, we care about you.’”

“Maybe [the potential student will] get you on the phone and all it took was talking to you for a couple of minutes to get that meeting set.”

[2:05] Showing value to potential students.
[4:35] Genuinely caring.
[6:39] Showing value early on.
[11:12] Talking to a potential student that has been ignoring you.

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