Using Social Media to Showcase Students

In this episode of College Enrollment Marketing, Brian shares the mic with Kristjan Grimson.

From a branding perspective, there is something to be said about what your college posts on social media. Prospective students can often tell the college’s focus based on their posts, making social media content more important than ever.

Often times, college marketers can forget what’s most important to their students — namely being able to relate to current student’s experiences.

In this episode, Brian and Kristjan help college marketers understand the importance of showcasing students on social media platforms, its impact on enrollment, and how marketers can immediately begin applying their lessons.

“There’s something special about scrolling through a school’s social media where you can tell their focus is setting up students for success.”

“I think the most compelling pieces of content have been organic videos, where the students take a moment to talk about how the college has really impacted them.”

“We always say that ‘Text is great. Photo is better. Video is way better.’”

“Get with students at the beginning and end [of college] to talk about their experiences.
These are defining moments.”

“The primary goal of social is to showcase what students, teachers, and staff are really doing.”

[2:41] Why is showcasing students important?
[4:44] What are some examples of showcasing?
[7:58] How can marketers immediately begin to showcase students?

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