Why you should be watching Your School’s Reviews

In this episode of College Enrollment Marketing, Brian shares the mic with Kristjan to chat about college reviews.

In the process of finding a college to attend, it is hard to argue the importance of reviews in the minds of prospects. In fact, it may be one of the most important aspects of selecting a school, as it gives prospects a peek at what they’d come to expect while attending.

This episode covers actionable steps colleges can take to solicit more reviews, handle negative reviews, and use their reviews as leverage for other marketing efforts.

“If you have good reviews, you can use that as leverage.”

“You’re going to get negative reviews. That’s fine. It’s all about how you respond to them.”

“Don’t make it a pride thing when approaching negative reviews.”

“The best way to hide a negative review is to overwhelm your reviews with positive reviews.”

[1:45] Why are reviews important?
[3:20] What should you never do regarding reviews?
[6:51] How you can use reviews as a learning opportunity
[13:45] Closing remarks

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